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February 5, 2017


FIVE YEARS, I didn't even know it was possible to be as speechless as I am currently. On February 6th, 2012, what appears from past pictures was a sunny Sunday, something sparked my passion of being a photographer. 


In previous years I was the photographer for my high school's varsity wrestling team. 



Hilarious, right?! Braces were not something I loved, but I absolutely loved what I did and I loved the sport. The reaction I'd get from the wrestlers and parents when showing them the photo I got, always made everything so worth it. I fed off of their excitement. When going to college, the two things I loved didn't follow. Even though an art major, I focused more on drawing and painting than I did the digital medium. However, upon changing majors months into my freshman year, I was told something that I will never forget:


"Love what you do and you'll never actually WORK a day in your life.."

- Van Wright


I met Van through my now husband, Tyler. Tyler got a scholarship to play football at BG and Van was every football player's biggest fan. Actually, he was every Falcon's biggest fan. For a class project, I had to do an interview with someone affiliated with BGSU and I chose Van. At the end of the interview Van told me the quote above. He said, "enjoy life - enjoy your job". Photography was what I loved, sports made my heart race, and the reactions I got from people who saw my creations are what woke me up the next day excited to "work" harder. So I changed my major and started building a career path so that I wouldn't have to WORK a day in my life. That following year, 2012, was the foundation for something amazing to come. 

In February I started my business Facebook Page and it was called "Vivacious Sensations".... Oh yeah, you heard that right. I thought I was going to be soo cool with that name! I was going to do it all. Freelance photography, paintings, all of it! I even made a website! I started doing modeling portfolio work. I was determined to become one of those big shot senior portrait photographers and take over high schools. I honestly think I did like 5 senior sessions for my cousin Reilly starting her sophomore year, LOL! But that summer I photographed my first wedding. It was a little wedding without a reception, but regardless, I was in charge of capturing it. I also did my first engagement session and more couples sessions to follow. It was crazy! I was falling in love with it all. Then summer 2013, I did my first full wedding and was hooked. This was it for me. The stress, the running around, the laughter, tears, everything, I lived for it. I wanted more. So from there, I got more serious and strictly focused on being a photographer. I changed my name, made a price guide, and went all in. 


During all this, I also started photographing BGSU Football games. Before, I would be the girlfriend in the stands sitting with the parents and using every bit of zoom I could with my Canon Powershot. Then towards the end of the 2013 season, I got to go on the field. I had media credentials under my business. LIKE WOAH. I was FREAKING OUT and not only that, it was one of the most epic games because BG won and were headed to Detroit for the MAC Championship. YES! It was unforgettable. I still get emotional thinking of all our years at BG and the priceless memories made.



Over the years I haven't really gone anywhere without my camera and I'm glad. Due to my *clicking* tendencies, I'm able to relive the past 5 years all over again. It's crazy to see how far this passion, my life, and even my friends and family have come in just the past 5 years. It's truly all a testament to how great our God is. He has this adventurous life planned for us and as long as we trust in Him, we get to live it to the fullest. Just so thankful. Thankful to God for blessing me with this gift that I get to share with everyone and to Y O U for believing in me, supporting me, and trusting me with capturing your own personal adventure. 


So with that, I wanted to take a moment to show what life was like in 2012 and what it is now, categorized into the different things I've photographed since the beginning...



the W E B S I T E - yeah, clearly I had a dark side in the beginning...




The evolution of my L O G O 






D R E S S details



E N G A G E M E N T session



the W E D D I N G day 






S E N I O R S / P O R T R A I T S



Even what I wear behind the camera has changed...



And Tyler has had a change in uniform too...



life B E F O R E  &  A F T E R Osa Jane



From Scott to T A T E



And the rest is history. Can you see the growth!? I could keep going but the emotions are real. I just want to thank every person who has willingly gotten in front of my camera since the beginning and believed in my potential. SHOUT OUT to my amazing friends and family for always motivating me and reminding me to relax. Also a big round of applause to my awesome dad for letting me use his Netflix account since day 1. All photographers know that you can't edit without some Netflix. I love all of you so very much and can't wait to see what God has planned for the future. In the meantime, THE FIRST WEDDING OF 2017 IS ON THE BLOG AND AWESOME! Better grab some tissues! 


Love, Victoria Isabel



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