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April 5, 2017

Oh man, Florida. Guys, I was in FLORIDA! It’s still unreal to me. I always say I’m available for travel and oh how blessed we were to finally go beyond the Buckeye Border. SO grab some snacks because this is a long one...


Early last year Paige and Fred contacted me about their big day. It was to be in September and in Michigan. They were referred to me by a dear friend who was already in one of my weddings, so the idea of a reunion with her and new friends sounded like a dream. Fast forward a few months and Paige and Fred decided to post pone things because they bought a house! WOOT WOOT!


Anyways, months later I get an email from Paige telling me the new plan. She simply asked “Would you be willing to go to Florida”. My jaw hit the floor. Pretty sure I started packing my bags before I even responded “YES!”. From there it was cake. I knew Paige wanted the works when it came down to how her wedding day was captured, so I made the calls and assembled the dream team. It was the week of the wedding and that Tuesday, Brian, Paige (P2), and Eric all piled into my car and hit the road.


As we got into Florida and saw the palm trees, shot ideas and more started filling our heads. This was about to be the best thing ever. On Friday, we went to the rehearsal dinner to meet everyone and honestly it felt like a family reunion. I wouldn’t deny it if someone said we had all been friends since diapers because it felt that way. We all laughed on the beach, enjoyed a cold beer, and hung out with Paige and Fred’s closest friends and family.


On the day of the wedding, we all woke up ready to go! We drove to Fred’s parents’ house where everyone was getting ready and we were welcomed with hugs and excitement. When Paige brought us her details, my eyes started watering up. She had so many things to represent her love for her grandma’s and even the groom’s grandma who had passed. You could see the love in each piece. When she brought out her gown, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. She told me about how she has a friend in Chicago with a cute vintage shop (https://www.instagram.com/dethrosevintage/) and when visiting found this gem. We even got to watch as her bouquet was being made using flowers from the backyard. It kept things fresh, personal, and unique.


As we walked down to the beach for the ceremony, I truly felt like we were a part of the wedding. It was like walking down the aisle and the photographers and videographers were a part of the bridal party. Except instead of holding bouquets, we held camera gear. When we got to the beach and the ceremony started, it was breathtaking. Shockingly, the 2:00pm sun wasn’t too bad and still created a glow for the couple and their guests. The guests sat on blankets laying in rows on the sand. Paired with the true ocean backdrop, it was beyond relaxing.

After that is was just one big party. We had a sea boil consisting of shrimp, fresh corn, muscles, and kielbasa. Fruit and veggie trays lined the tables and homemade sangria was on tap. We stayed on the beach for as long as we could until the tide got too high. When that happened, we marched back to Fred’s parent’s house for cake, dancing, and more celebrating. Still wishing I had more of that Oreo cheesecake. Might have been the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had.


It was a remarkable weekend and it was so good getting to celebrate love with so many amazing people. My heart is still so full of joy and happiness. I wish nothing of the best for the Somes and little Hazelnut! Can’t wait to be reunited again <3 Till then, enjoy the wedding day through our eyes...





























































































































Venue: Vero Beach, FL

Videographer: Brian Long + Eric Rawn - Studio Bushido

Second Shooter: Paige Cermack


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