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For Everyone / #FreshFaceFriday

July 14, 2017




If you’re wondering what this is all about and don’t follow me on Instagram, I am starting a series all about the face, body, and the stuff that’s good for it.


A little about myself: I have combo skin. This means that sometimes it’s dry and sometimes it’s oily. Since a teen, Neutrogena was always my go to for everything. It did okay at maintaining my skin but once I got to college it was all downhill. I don’t know if I hit puberty late or what, but my freshman year of college I got my first real zit. BOY DID IT HURT. I didn’t know what to do. It was irritating, red, just everything that makes us hate these small little things. Over years I went to war with my face. As my hormonal acne became hormonal cysts, I always felt defeated. I wish I had a good photo to show, but you’re just going to have to trust me. I’d get these massive craters on my chin and in between my eyes. The scarring there used to be awful… I’ll tell you NEXT WEEK how I’ve reduced that. ANYWAYS, I used a lot of big name products… Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Acne Free, everything. I tried the ProActiv life and even the prescribed path. The biggest issue was something would work temporarily and then leave behind crazy dry skin OR it just wouldn’t work at all and would make the situation worst. Fast forward to last year.


Last year one of my brides, Mackenzie, introduced me to SkinFood. She was telling me how clean the products are. I don’t mean clean like shiny clean, I mean clean like chemical clean. You can actually read the ingredients in this stuff and know exactly what it is. At first, I was hesitant because I thought “If the chemicals made directly for the face don’t work, how on earth is simple charcoal and coconut oil going to do anything?”. Not only that, hearing the word oil petrified me. As a person with oily skin, you KNOW we strive to look for things that are oil free. Anyways, I took the leap. I bought two things: the original facial oil  and the charcoal detox bar. I wanted to dip my toe in the water and it seemed like those two products were the most recommended.



My package arrived promptly and oh my word you guys. I could tell the moment I opened up that clear and metallic bag that this bar was legit. It reeked of charcoal… in a good way. That and it looked extra pretty. The facial oil… the moment I felt its texture I knew it was going to bring life back into my face. Instantly I used the two daily. After 3 weeks, the results were insane. I didn’t notice it until a friend pointed it out, but I hadn’t had any breakouts and my skin wasn’t looking as red. That night, I ordered more goodies to try out.


Since then I have completely cleaned out my skin care routine and found products that are to die for. Some SkinFood, some not. It’s been amazing being able to know what I’m putting on my face and I wanted that for others. So here with this series I will be sharing all my favorite product combinations. Whether you’re a bride striving to get that perfect wedding day glow or a photographer who needs the cure to a crazy wedding weekend hangover, I’ve got the goods.


SOOOOO after all the introductions, I want to first introduce the charcoal bar. Why am I only showing this one product? It’s because it’s my staple item. It’s my morning and night, my in the shower, and on the go. It’s even my makeup brush cleaner and remover… yes… remover. It’s the base to everything and the product I truly recommend the most.



What’s so great about it?! In the mornings when I wake up, I wake up with an awkwardly oily face. I have since I could remember. When waking up, the first thing I want to do is get the oil off and feel awakened. That’s exactly what the charcoal does in the bar. It detoxes, strips away impurities, but still leaves behind the nutrients needed for a clean complexion. The shea butter is what helps create the glow and it also helps keep the skin feeling soft. Then there’s the coconut oil and grapefruit oil. These are key to me because they are what fight and heal your broken-out areas. At night, it takes the entire day off. Dirt, sweat, and makeup. I love pairing it with my Clarisonic Mia 2 with the acne cleansing brush head. Exfoliating with this bar is life. When not using my Clarisonic... I only use it once a week... I take a hot wash cloth to open up my pores and then lather the bar in my hands and wash my face in circular motions upwards. NEVER pull on your face downwards. It not only causes wrinkles... yeah, I said it, but it also can cause the skin to become irritated.  I start from my forehead and work my way dow, including the neck. ALWAYS INCLUDE THE NECK! That's shockingly where the most sweat builds up! 


The ingredients are RAW Organic Coconut Oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Grapefruit Oil, Lime Oil, Ginger Root, Anise, Activated Coconut Charcoal, and a Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils… all things that we know about and have heard many many times. Zero acid, zero harsh chemicals, and zero chance of that dirty soap residue.


SkinFood describes the product as: “This soap is AMAZING! They are all amazing but this one is very special. I make three soaps before I make this very special soap. The Charcoal Detox Soap contains, Lime for its Skin Brightening qualities, Grapefruit for promoting circulation and the antioxidant effects protect the skin from environmental hazards, and it also stimulates the production of skin collagen that brings smoothness and elasticity to the skin. This is an antioxidant gives your skin softness, renews damaged skin and treats skin pigmentation. The Charcoal helps detoxify the skin. Charcoal draws impurities and toxins out of the skin, helping to relieve acne and other skin problems. Use this bar on your face or all over your body. It contains Anise an Essential oil used to treat skin conditions. Smelling a little like licorice and your favorite candy combined this soap is a winner.”


Simply put, this product is a life saver.


If you’re interested in trying out, please do not hesitate!!


Follow @SkinFoodbyab, find their Etsy shop, use SFMACK for 10% off, and I’ll sit back and wait while you obsess over your fresh face.



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