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Garden Wedding at Magnolia Estate in Miamisburg, Ohio

August 4, 2017

I'm warning you now... this is VERY.... VERY LONG. Also, is it bad if I’m already tearing up and all I’m doing is typing? Man was I a hot mess when Mary Beth was getting ready to marry the man God hand-picked for her, David.


I have known Mary Beth and David for a few years now. Not only did we grow together at the same church, h2o, we also grew together on the same football field. Mary Beth was at BG pursuing her career as a teacher and David transferred to BG… clearly all God’s plan. We were a big family, Tyler included.


When I got asked to be the wedding photographer, it was like being asked to be the maid of honor… oh man, I’m married now… make that matron. HAHA! Being able to play this role for such great friends warmed my soul and being able to serve in this way for my brother and sister in Christ assured me that I am fulfilling the purpose that God has made for me.


Not only was it a special day for Mary Beth and David, it was also special for another great friend. Ronnie has been a huge part of mine and Tyler’s life for a little over 5 years now. On our wedding day, Ronnie wasn’t ordained yet but he got to give the message and stand up there with us through the whole day. It was so memorable and special for us to be able to have that. On Mary Beth and David’s wedding day, we got to witness Ronnie officiate his first full wedding. Getting to witness his growth and pastoral journey has been such a blessing. He killed it as he truly defined the purpose of marriage and the true marriage we are preparing ourselves for.


Throughout the ceremony, done on the grounds at the Magnolia Estate, there were lots of tears, lots of laughter, and moments where you could see Mary Beth hold David’s hands tighter. Their first kiss as husband and wife came with a round of applause from all their family and friends.


The reception was also help at the Estate inside a beautiful room with HUGE windows and string lights hanging from the ceiling. It created a beautiful back drop for the bride and groom. Floral V Designs are master creatives and made the indoors seem like one big garden. The simplistic bowls of greens and pastel florals made the space airy and timeless. I could have sat in there for years.


NOW QUE MORE TEARS. Mary Beth’s brothers are both located in Australia and couldn’t make it for the wedding. This was hard for Mary Beth because it was her wedding day and she couldn’t have everyone she loved there. But as the DJ announced that there was one final toast, Mary Beth’s father corrected him and said there were two. In that moment, her dad pulled out his phone and a letter. Her brothers had written surprise toasts for her dad to read aloud. TEARS. We ALL had tears streaming from our eyes. It was so sweet that her brothers did that for her. They found a way to be a part of her day and it is something that will never be forgotten.


AND THEN IT WAS ALSO HER GRANDPARENT’S ANNIVERSARY. Before the anniversary dance, Mary Beth told me it was her grandparent’s 57th anniversary that day and that instead of tossing a bouquet, they were going to give it to her grandmother in celebration. She knew that her grandparents were going to win the anniversary dance so it made for the perfect moment. To be surrounded by so many beautiful marriages is so good and so wonderful. I think I can say for everyone that on that day, we have never “awed” more in our lives.


Ugh and last but not least, my sweet husband got to be with me. He was an usher in the wedding so getting to share such a magical day with him meant so much to me. We have many weddings where I get to have a “bring your husband to work” day. I love that so much. Celebrating marriage with the one you’re married to… it’s crazy… crazy good. Plus, that means I’m not dancing with my camera during the anniversary dances.


I can’t wait for many more years of memory making with all of our friends. So many of them were present on that Sunday to the point where I wouldn’t even say I was working. We were truly celebrating. HERE’S TO THE MARRIED LIFE MR. AND MRS. RUNNOE! Can’t wait for more Brassica adventures! <3 























































































Oh the many veils I have worn.

Got to keep those things safe when we are done with it for pictures! 


































Bridal Gown + Shop: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner from Bridal and Formal in Cincinnati, Ohio


Bridesmaid Dresses + Shop: David’s Bridal in Dayton, Ohio


Borrowed: My mom’s tennis bracelet


Blue: Necklace from by Great Grandmother


Old: Garter made from Mary Beth’s mother’s wedding dress


Tux:  Men’s Wearhouse


Hair and Makeup: Maggie Beam


Florist: Floral V Designs


Cake: Love Cakes at Dorothy Lane Market


Caterer: Little Miami River Catering


Music/DJ: Great Day Productions


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