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For Everyone / #FreshFaceFriday

August 4, 2017


HAPPY FRIDAY! Once again, here we are! As usual, this is #FreshFaceFriday… a topic that I am passionate about and something I think everyone needs to pay attention to. As a photographer I am always on the go and as a couch potato, when I’m having an off day, I truly take it off… makeup included.


If you are just tuning in and have missed the past two posts, no worries!

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ANWAYS, so first I talked about the best thing ever to use to clean your face… then I talked about how to nourish and care for those precious lippies. Now in your daily routine, it’s all about moisturizing and nurturing that glowing skin.


Now like I said in my intro, I have combo skin so moisturizer was a HUGE struggle when trying to find a solid skin care routine. I either get really dry and need a thick moisturizer or I wake up and start going about my day with my skin getting oiler by the minute and adding more to it is obviously a bad idea. So there I was, at a loss.


Then from nowhere came a miracle and a snazzy YouTube video. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. Like I said in the intro, my very first order from SkinFood (yeah, SkinFood… again… it’s just too good) consisted of the charcoal bar and original facial oil. Starting from day 1 I used the oil in the morning and at night. My only reserve was that during the day I did a lot of movement, work, and the facial oil is a strong one. It penetrates deep into the skin, but on the days when my oil levels were already crazy high, I was washing my face a couple extra times just so I didn’t look like a walking jar of coconut oil. So, I moved the facial oil to only being nighttime. At night when I cleanse with the charcoal bar I can feel the day strip away from my face. Legit, squeaky clean. Then I apply the oil all over my face and neck to give it some life back. Since it’s such a penetrating and long-lasting oil, I’m not worried about it not working during the night… trust me… it works. Since using it the scars and sunspots on my face have faded and when I wake up, I feel like a whole new woman.



Once I realized that I still needed to find a way to moisturize and hydrate during the day I stumbled upon a YouTube video by LustreLux, a popular makeup artist, where I found out about her combo skinned husband who was sensitive to oil. What did he use? Oil of Olay Complete for SENSITIVE skin. I know the sensitive part is for people prone to acne, which I definitely am, but the thing about the sensitive version is that it’s a thinner consistency than the regular version of this product. I tried it out and boy is it thin, but it hydrates and that’s what I needed. The most important reason for needing moisture throughout the day is because the sun is out and we need protection from that, so obviously I was thrilled when I discovered this moisturizer had SPF in it. These are the things you need to look for when finding your routine.



Watch your skin, see how it reacts to different environmental elements. If you’re crazy dry, get the facial oil and use it 24/7 and if you’re oily but strip those oils at night when cleansing, get the facial oil to give the important nutrients back. However, if you’re just a hot mess of everything, get both because everyone loves a person who can do both.


As always, if you’re interested in trying out, please do not hesitate!!


Follow @SkinFoodbyab, find their Etsy shop, use SFVICTORIA for 10% off, and I’ll sit back and wait while you obsess over your fresh face.







PS: For everyone who's wondering and asking, no this is not a sponsored feature. These are true and real in every way, I bought these products myself and have purchased over and over again! I'm just an adventurous foodie <3


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