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Intimate Wedding at The WatersEdge in Hilliard, Ohio

August 5, 2017

IntimateLast year when we moved to Columbus, I had to transfer stores. As some of you may know, I work at Best Buy on the side and love it. So when starting at my new store, that meant new friends. One of the friends I made quickly was Tony… or Apple Tony as we all call him. Any time I worked I knew I always had a friend around to pass by time with. Whether it was Tony, Jim, Matt, Zach… anyone really… we always had fun, and slowly they became like my family. Of course me being snoopy, and a wedding photographer, I’m always about hearing who the guys were dating or engaged to. When hearing Tony talk about his fiancé, he’d always joke about how they really need to get the ball rolling.


Fast forward a few months, October to be exact, I got a phone call from a woman, Kerri, who was in desperate need for some engagement photos. She had been with her fiancé for what seemed like forever and was ready to get the weddinging started. She never said who she was engaged to, but that she randomly found my card. We chatted on the phone for a solid hour and hit it off and planned one dreamy engagement sesh. A few days later I get a phone call from Apple Tony and he tells me how he’s excited for his engagement session. I WAS SO CONFUSED. Like way too confused. Then Tony said the magic words, “Kerri is my fiancé!”. HOW ON EARTH I DIDN’T CONNECT THE TWO I WILL NEVER KNOW BUT BOY WAS I EXCITED. Yes, that entire sentence needs to be in all caps because that’s how excited I was. Come to find out, Tony told Kerri to keep it all hush hush so I could be surprised and he sure did succeed.


So, we did the engagement session that November and by Christmas the talk of the wedding started to get real. Now let me tell you guys something. At this point I already had 40 brides and had closed booking for 2017 because I basically didn’t have any weekends available. HOWEVER, Kerri, Tony, and I were DETERMINED to make this work.


Tony, being the big goof he is, wanted to have his wedding on April Fool’s Day. Typical… so typical. Not even his mama was surprised. With it being 4 months away and venues, including myself, already booked, it seemed like it wasn’t going to work out. A few more months passed by and Tony texted me about the 4th of August… a Friday. MAN DID I LEAP FOR JOY BECAUSE I WAS FREE!!!! Once they got the date confirmed and a venue found, Kerri, Tony, Tyler, and myself went to get dinner to celebrate the good news!


Then that brings us here, to their wedding day. I was emotional the entire time. It truly felt like I was witnessing a brother get married; watching my personal family grow. Just typical emotional Victoria… no big deal… nothing new to see here.


By the time I got done photographing the details and drooling over WatersEdge, Tony arrived looking extra dapper in the suit he rented from BlackTux. After hugs and introductions, he gave me a garment bag and told me it was his wardrobe change for after the ceremony. Again, he’s always got something up his sleeve. Shortly after that came Kerri and it was time to put her in her Augusta Jones Nicola gown. Everything about the gown was perfect and screamed Kerri. It was simple yet very detailed, had a gorgeous train, and was paired with a cathedral veil that flowed with the wind.


The ceremony made everyone cry. If someone wasn’t crying, they were good at hiding it. I hid behind the camera. Then came the reception and all the fun to follow. It was a fairytale and far more than we had all dreamed of. At sunset photos, we shared so many hugs that my heart was ready to explode from an overwhelming amount of love. Don’t worry, I saved the tears for when I was editing their morning after gallery.


As you can see, these two mean the world to me and my thankfulness for them is never ending. They are some of the most genuine people I have ever met and will do anything for those they care about… including help wash my shoes and feet after getting them covered in gasoline… don’t ask. LOL.
























































 The bow above holds together the pieces that came from the wedding dresses of her 4 closest friends <3































M A G I C    M A K E R S :


Bridal Shop: Luxeredux Bridal in the Short North


Gown: Augusta Jones Nicola in Blush


Tux:  The Black Tux // Ceremony Look // Reception Look


Hair: Leighann from Nutur Salon in Upper Arlington


Makeup: Amber Preston


Florist:  WatersEdge


Wedding Stationary: www.WeddingPaperDivas.com


Cake: WatersEdge     


Caterer: WatersEdge


Music/DJ: WatersEdge



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