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bucketlist: celebrations in marbella, spain

January 4, 2018

When Tyler proposed, we only had 2 and a half months till our wedding day. It was a pretty easy situation till it came down to planning a honeymoon. We had always talked of going to Spain but with Tyler in football and summer classes for me, our schedules never fit. Not to mention, that stuff was expensive. When looking at flights for our honeymoon, flights were $3,000 a piece. I remember being so discouraged after adding everything up and seeing that a honeymoon to Spain would cost just as much as the whole wedding. BLESSED HOWEVER, we were able to go to Michigan thanks to the Goble family and explore that beautiful state up North. Our original honeymoon to Michigan was so refreshing and perfect since the snow there is breathtaking, but we told ourselves on day we WOULD get to Spain.


So here we are in May 2017 and the stock market was a little rocky for certain airlines because of some bad publicity. I got an idea to see how much tickets to Spain would cost and I about fell over when I saw they were only $1,000. I instantly opened up our schedules to see when we had a week free without any big things coming up. Tyler’s Christmas break was perfect and so the research began. By the end of May, I had found a place, booked the flights, and when Tyler came home from class I told him that we are officially going to Spain.


Once Christmas grew close, the house became a mess trying to pack for our trip. We knew that their dress code wasn’t like here in American where you can walk into a restaurant wearing sweat pants so a lot of thought had to go into it. Our suitcase consisted of a lot of colored trousers and for me, every maxi dress I owned.


On Christmas day, that morning, Tyler and I got hit with the worst 24 hour bug two people could get. It was a hot mess at home but we were fortunate to have our sweet mama to take care of us. We prayed every second that we would feel better since our flight left the next day. It was a chaotic situation, but when we woke up on the morning of the 26th, we knew we weren’t nauseous enough to miss out on a trip like this.


Flying into Madrid was when it really hit us (the excitement, not the nausea). We are in Spain. It was one of those things where you talk about doing something for so long and it’s unreal when it actually happens. Once we got to our final destination, we were greeted at Malaga with a private driver, and the ride to the resort in Marbella was just woah. Out of my window you saw the sea and mountains and on Tyler’s side you saw more mountains, villas, and quaint little shops. It looked like Spain, felt like Spain, and again, WE WERE IN SPAIN.


The resort we stayed at was The Oasis at Don Carlos. People… if you ever go to Spain and don’t want to go to a crazy tourist area, go here, relax here, and 100% go at Christmas/New Years time. We hardly ever needed a light jacket or anything. There were cool breezes but the skies were GORGEOUS and even in the moments we thought it may rain, the clouds quickly passed and the sun lit up the rooftops of the villas.


We spent the first day recovering from being sick and traveling which is where we discovered the extreme epicness of great room service. The food we got was amazing and never disappointed the entire trip. The days to follow consisted of checking out Old Towne Marbella and exploring everything the resort had to offer. We took walks along the beach, got to listen to live music, and more. Tyler discovered he loves the spa and I realized that scallops might be one of the most delicious things on the planet.


On Tyler’s birthday we had the best meal of our lives. Imagine going to a restaurant that had the perfect view of the sea and thanks to the clear skies, you could easily see the majestic mountains of Morocco. Then as we waited for our food, we popped open a bottle of champagne and watched dolphins go by. Once the food came… wow. We ate everything. All of it, and while we ate, we watched the sun set in between the strait of Spain and Africa. It will be hard to top that and I know we will remember the experience forever.


The final night finally came and we decided to stay in and pack, watch movies and order room service. At midnight, we heard the fireworks and went running out onto the balcony... well, I went running. With our view, we could see fireworks being set off in the town, then all down the cost of Spain and even along the coast of Africa. Not to mention all the boats that were out that also released all the pretty. I was in awe and Tyler kept stopping me from leaning over to much to see everything, LOL. It was so cool seeing the pops of light illuminate the sea. Truly the best way to end the trip.


Coming back was an adventure in itself as well. We almost missed our first flight, was actually so sure we were going to we had asked a lady about other flights, and then made it to our connecting flight to Chicago just in time for boarding. But we did it and are home, we are with our Osa Jane, and we are excited to continue 2018 with so much goodness.


We truly needed this trip of R&R. The internet wasn’t the best so connecting the computer to work was a big no and our phones were only in our hands when it was down time. We didn’t even take a TON of pictures because we lived in each moment and wanted to experience it to the fullest. I highly recommend everyone take a trip, leave the tech, and rejuvenate.


Still can’t believe we can say we’ve been to Spain. It was the best was to celebrate Christmas, a honeymoon, Tyler’s 25th, and our anniversary that will be here in just two weeks. Can’t wait to see what year 3 of marriage has in store and what adventure God has planned for us next <3 OH, and click an image to see it full screen! 




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